ad·dress n <pl -es> [əʼdres, Am ʼæd-]
1) (abode) Adresse f, Anschrift f;
she's not at that \address any more sie wohnt nicht mehr dort;
business/home \address Geschäfts-/Privatadresse f;
physical \address Postanschrift f;
not known at this \address Empfänger unbekannt
2) (form: skill) Geschick nt
3) comput Adresse f
4) (speech) Rede f (to an +akk); (for a particular occasion) Ansprache f (to an +akk)
5) (title)
form of \address [Form f der] Anrede f
6) (liter: courtship)
to pay one's \addresses to sb jdm den Hof machen (hum) o veraltend vt [əʼdres]
1) (write address)
to \address sth [to sb/sth] etw [an jdn/etw] adressieren;
to \address a letter/a parcel einen Brief/ein Paket adressieren
2) (direct)
to \address sth to sb;
he \addressed a few introductory remarks to the audience er richtete einige einführende Bemerkungen an die Zuhörer;
to \address oneself to sb/sth sich akk an jdn/etw wenden
3) (speak to)
to \address sb jdn ansprechen;
were you \addressing me? haben Sie mit mir gesprochen?;
he rose to \address the meeting er erhob sich, um zu der Versammlung zu sprechen;
to \address oneself to sb jdn ansprechen
4) (use title)
to \address sb [as sth] jdn [als etw akk] anreden
5) (deal with)
to \address sth issue etw ansprechen
6) (in golf)
to \address the ball den Ball anvisieren

English-German students dictionary . 2013.

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